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Stream 3 - Commercial

Whether catching up with industry changes, sustaining growth, innovating or opening up new opportunities, retail leadership requires an understanding of operations, technological advancements and new business models. Presentations in the ‘Commercial’ track will consider the business, strategic, operational and technological aspects of the challenges ahead for retail, how software, hardware and processes can be an agent of change, how innovators are transforming markets and where retailers can profit from understanding, connecting and commercialising ever aspect of the business.

Emma Robertson, Managing Director, Transform
Andrew Gilboy
11.20 - 11.50
Moving from the virtual world into a physical delivery

Cross-channel retailing delivers many significant challenges and strategic issues for the logistics operation. Away from the virtual world of the customer-facing interface, the logistics operation has to bring together warehousing, delivery, stores and stock into a proposition that is effective for your customer and which matches their service expectations. Walter Blackwood will share insight from the perspective of both the retail organisation and third party logistics provider.

Speaker: Walter Blackwood, Director of Group Logistics, Mothercare

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Walter Blackwood
11.50 - 12.20
Putting the rocket into multichannel retail
Over the last 18 years, retailers have embarked upon increasingly complex multichannel strategies to provide shoppers with the flexibility to shop on their own terms. Whilst the online experience has come light years since 1994, delivery has been a constant impediment to the online sale. Ross Clemmow will discuss how delivery is shaping the future of ecommerce and look at the major role that it now plays for Argos. He will share how the retailer's pioneering multichannel model has proven the ideal backbone to support their award winning partnership with Shutl.
Speaker: Ross Clemmow, Director of eCommerce & Multi-Channel Strategy, Argos

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12.20 - 12.50
International success – increase your global reach through the online channel
Reaching international markets can help you extend your reach, build your brand and increase your top line. And it’s no secret that the fastest and most cost-effective way to get brand penetration into new markets is through the online channel. But, to be successful, you must know the rules of the road or your international strategy can crash and burn due to complexity, delays and costly mistakes. This speaking session will provide an in-depth review of critical areas that must be considered when developing and implementing an international expansion strategy and will include a customer best practice example. In this speaking session you will learn: How and why ecommerce is facilitating international expansion; which critical areas you should consider; which key strategic options you should address, and what a typical roadmap should look like; customer best practice.
Sponsor: Andrew Gilboy, Vice-President EMEA, Demandware

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Andrew Gilboy
12.50 - 1.00
Questions from the audience
1.00 - 2.00
2.00 – 3.00
Panel discussion: Towards the cross-channel store environment
Hear how ecommerce, technology, operations, delivery and mobile are driving the store environment and join in the discussion on what the store of the future may require.

Panellists include:
Sean McKee, Head of Ecommerce and Customer Services, Schuh
Nikos Karaoulanis, User Experience Design Lead, Marks and Spencer
Mark Cody, Senior Marketing Manager – Mobile,

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Rob Moss
Sean McKee

3.00 - 3.10
Questions from the audience
3.10 - 3.45
3.45 - 4. 15
Beyond monetisation lies a new advertising
Is there a way that retailers can open up advertising opportunities on their websites that actually facilitate shopping, engage customers, and create additional revenue? The answer is yes, and this premium, sophisticated type of advertising is called Ecommerce Media. Delegates will discover: what Ecommerce Media means to today's retailers, shoppers and brands; how Kiddicare and Morrisons use ecommerce media to engage today's shopper; new strategies for giving shoppers what they are looking for - while they are looking for it; how to optimize site monetisation and ROI.

Speakers: Jody Goodall, Head of Solutions Architecture, Kiddicare & and Jonathan Opdyke, Chief Executive Officer, HookLogic

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Rob Moss

Rob Moss
4.15 - 4.45
Panel discussion: Speeding up operations in challenging markets
Pulling the right levers effect sales instantly, consumers want instant gratification from purchases and omni-channel calls for synchronisation across all touchpoints. Hear how these retailers in the fast moving fashion sector are handling faster commerce and how it impacts all sectors.

Panellists include:
Jarno Vanhatapio, Founder,,
Amanda Metcalfe, Marketing Director, eBay UK
Geoff van Sonsbeeck, Founder and CEO, Isabella Oliver

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Rob Moss
Rob Moss


4.45 - 5.00
Questions from the audience
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